Our Sources

Christopher Steighner started Butterstein's in 2013 as a way to make locally sourced food more accessible on an everyday level—to take it to the streets. Collaborating with Worksman Cycles, he designed what is New York's only tricycle popcorn cart. 

about us

Maple kettle corn popped on a tricycle cart using all local ingredients

We focus on making one product well—popcorn. Our specialty is maple kettle corn. Because it's lighter than caramel corn and has more flavor than your usual sugar-based kettle corn, Butterstein's satisfies like no other. We use only local ingredients from small farms: the corn is non-GMO organic from New Jersey, the butter and maple from upstate, the sea salt from Maine. Our corn is "popt on the spot" on an eco-friendly tricycle cart, which means it’s always crisp and fragrant. Popcorn is high in fiber and low in calories by volume; maple is unrefined and the most nutritious of all sweeteners; and the butter comes from grass-fed cows. All this means our popcorn is a healthy snack—a treat you can feel good about eating. As for the taste, let's just say you can be sure you'll be coming back for more.